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Moist Sugar Free Banana Bread

At the start of the year, the time when many a resolution is made, I promised more healthy recipes making an appearance on the blog. Not only to make it easier for myself to stick to my resolution and maintain a healthier lifestyle, but to make delicious, healthy recipes that are as sinful as their unhealthy counterparts.

When you switch to a healthier way of eating, it doesn’t just have to be days on end of salads and soups and depriving yourself of all your favorite desserts. This Banana Bread is absolutely delicious and sugar free and proof that you can be healthy and eat desserts without much guilt!


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Creamy Apple and Broccoli Salad with Roasted Walnuts

Hi all!!

I was planning on getting this salad recipe to you a couple days back but the start of this year has been a hectic one. From shuffling between city and town, I’m now back in my childhood home and the healthy resolutions I made are starting to waver.

There is just something about being back in your childhood home, the room you grew up in, that you start to crave the foods of, well, your childhood. Continue reading “Creamy Apple and Broccoli Salad with Roasted Walnuts”

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Mushroom and Chicken Quinoa

Hey all!


I hope you all rang in the new year with your loved ones and had a wonderful, safe time!

I just walked nearly five kilometers to get to my car after watching the new year’s light show at the Dubai Mall, wearing a gorgeous pair of boots that were cutting into my feet! I’m all ready to fall into bed! I just wanted to bring this to you guys and wish you a wonderful year ahead!

The last twelve months flew by in the blink of an eye- not that being unable to keep track of the time meant that it didn’t have its share of bad news. I, for one, am waiting for a new, better, happier year all around!

And what better way to prepare than to start eating cleaner and healthier? There will, hopefully, be many new things this year on the blog, including gluten free recipes and refined sugar free desserts and treats. I am definitely excited to see what kitchen adventures this year has in store!  Continue reading “Mushroom and Chicken Quinoa”