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Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes for Two

Hello all my lovely readers!

Guess what? This week has been monumental. The first ever countdown of recipes and as of today, Little Miracles turns 6 months old! Honestly, SIX Months! I am so very grateful to every single one of you who follow Little Miracles and just want to say how I couldn’t have gotten this far without you all! And what better way to celebrate then with Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes?

It’s a dessert that’s made more times than I can keep a count of at home and one loved by children and adults alike! 

Just. Look. At. It. 


Can you see that gooey center? Just cut it and watch it ooze out- so very satisfying! 

This is a very fancy looking dessert and so impressive- just set it down in front of people and watch them ooh and ahh– but it really is very simple to make! 

With just a couple of ingredients, you could be enjoying this mouthwatering cake.


The most important thing is to have the oven temperature up high, This cake cooks at high temperature for a very short period of time. The batter inside is still gooey when pulled out of the oven, but the cake is cooked from the outside and has risen, the edges slightly brown. 

Another important step is greasing the ramekins. Grease them generously with softened butter or non stick spray and then shake some cocoa powder over. Tap the ramekin upside down over the cocoa powder container to remove excess. A well coated ramekin makes it so much easier for the cake to plop out.


You can also make these a little earlier and keep them in the refrigerator until ready to bake. Just take them out 10-15 minutes before you place them in the oven.

Ready to whip these up guys? I promise you they are sensational! Especially if you swipe on some homemade strawberry jam and top with vanilla ice cream and some chocolate sauce. 

IMG_1618-01I think I’m going to need a moment alone as I swoon over these babies! 

If you try out this recipe, please let me know! Tag me on instagram (_littlemiracles_). Feel free to leave a comment below; let me know what you think! I love to hear from you all!♥

Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes for Two


Yield: 2 cakes 

Time: Prep: 10 minutes 

Baking:12-13 minutes 

Author: Sammer


2 ounces  semisweet/bittersweet chocolate, chopped

2 tbsps./ 28 gms butter, unsalted

1  whole large egg

1   egg yolk

2 tbsp all purpose flour

1/4 tsp  vanilla extract

1/2 tsp espresso/ coffee powder

1/4 tsp baking powder

Pinch of salt


  1. Preheat oven to 210ºC/410ºF. Generously grease ramekins and sift cocoa powder to coat. Shake out excess.
  2. Melt butter and chocolate in ten second bursts, mixing between each time. When nearly melted, remove from microwave and mix until completely melted.
  3. Whisk whole egg and egg yolk until frothy by hand. Add the espresso powder and vanilla extract.
  4. Mix the baking powder and salt with flour. Add dry ingredients mixture to the melted chocolate and fold using a spatula. Pour in the whisked egg, vanilla & coffee mixture and combine well.
  5. Pour into ramekins and keep in fridge if not using immediately. If you’re ready to serve, slide into the oven. Bake for 12-13 minutes.
  6. The cake is done when it looks cooked on the outside and has risen, but the center is still slightly soft. Take out of the oven and cool for one minute. NO LONGER. Place one ramekin over towel near the edge of the counter, put a plate over it, inverted and quickly turn over. Careful since the ramekins will be very hot. Top with ice cream and sauce and, to put it as elegantly as I can, pig out! 


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