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Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes for Two

Hello all my lovely readers!

Guess what? This week has been monumental. The first ever countdown of recipes and as of today, Little Miracles turns 6 months old! Honestly, SIX Months! I am so very grateful to every single one of you who follow Little Miracles and just want to say how I couldn’t have gotten this far without you all! And what better way to celebrate then with Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes? Continue reading “Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes for Two”

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Mini Apple Walnut Pie For Two

Hey guys!

I know Valentines is tomorrow, literally just around the corner, but it isn’t late to make a great dessert! Any of the recipes I’ve posted during the last week are simple and quick enough to put together.

This 3 Ingredient Strawberry Mousse just takes minutes to whip up (pun intended) and can chill in the fridge until time to serve.

These Brownies for Two have the perfectly crispy top and fudgy center and can be chopped up and topped with whipped cream and berries for a delicious trifle.

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3 ingredient Strawberry Mousse For Two


Winter has just come to a close- quite late for the South of India- and although the temperature has only risen by a couple degrees, I am sweating up a storm! And, can I say, I miss the cold?

Everyone facing the brutal winter on the other side of the world probably think I am crazy but you know what I’d love? A good snowfall with snow that sticks to the ground, enough to make snowmen and have a snowball fight, but best of all to watch the wonder that is the silent white world of winter. I mean, that’s what winter means to me, not the measly breeze that graces us with its presence for a couple weeks a year. Continue reading “3 ingredient Strawberry Mousse For Two”

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Mini Creamy Cheesecake for Two

If you’ve been to The Cheesecake Factory, then chances are you’ve stood at their display of cheesecakes and felt a little weak at just the sight of those beautiful, creamy slices of perfection. Or is that just me? 

And watching that enormous slice make its way to your table and be set in front of you was the highlight of your day. No, week.

But honestly? I’ve never been able to finish an entire slice on my own. Unless you count that one time a friend brought some home and I kept pulling it out of the refrigerator and taking a couple bites every few hours and had nearly finished it by the end of the day. Continue reading “Mini Creamy Cheesecake for Two”


Cocoa Penne Arrabiata

Hey guys!

One month of the year down- already!. We’re into February and the first ever Valentine’s countdown on this blog begins today!

I have tested and tried, tossed restlessly countless nights dreaming of desserts and ingredients, fractions and ratios, weighed a couple dozen potential dishes and finally, finally have brought these for you to enjoy with your Valentine this year.

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